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Randy Orton dispels rumor about father, Alexa Bliss refuses to be ordinary

There are some people who think it’s funny to mess with reality by doing malicious things online. Most consider this trolling which can be humorous if done correctly. But in this instance it was really unnecessary.

Someone apparently edited “Cowboy” Bob Orton’s Wikipedia page to say he had passed away. Randy Orton took to Twitter and wanted to announce that these rumors as just that: rumors. The fact is that Bob Orton is just fine and whoever did this needs to find something more constructive to do with their time.

Road Dogg also commented on the situation to assure fans that Bob Orton was alive and well. He dismissed the Wikipedia sabotage as a bad rib and said people are just too much.

We will know for sure when Bob shows up at Money In The Bank on Sunday in St Louis to watch his son wrestle Jinder Mahal for the WWE Championship. After all he’s supposed to be in the front row alongside other legends from pro wrestling’s past. So for now you can rest easy because The Cowboy is doing just fine.

Alexa Bliss has already found herself in the record books even though her career is just beginning. She’s the first women to ever hold both the SmackDown and Raw Women’s Titles and she doesn’t plan on dropping her gold on the red brand anytime soon.

She took Bayley out in an impressive display at Extreme Rules in a match that could be considered a squash. The match was over in around five minutes and didn’t see Bliss taking one kendo stick shot from Bayley. We’re not sure if WWE is trying to add to Bayley’s character so when she eventually does become unhinged it will be a bigger moment or not. But the fact is Little Miss Bliss schooled The Hugger in that kendo stick on a pole match.

Throughout Alexa’s career she has worked hard to be exceptional. Sometimes it might not be on purpose either, she might just be amazing by accident.

Regardless of whether she is choosing to be so outstanding or not is still up in the air, although we’d lean toward her deciding to be incredible. One thing is for sure that Alexa Bliss refuses to be ordinary which should be something we all strive for.

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