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Randy Orton just fired back hard at Soulja Boy

WWE and Prince Williams/FilmMagic

WWE and Prince Williams/FilmMagic

The feud between Randy Orton and Soulja Boy is not done yet and it seems like they are getting more vicious towards each other on Twitter.

Soulja Boy recently tweeted to Orton: "You b**ch @RandyOrton and I mean that 100 pu**y."

Orton responded, "My d**k taller then you. Weighs more too. Go to bed you f**king infant. You’re welcome for the boost. Go choke on a keyboard."

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Again, this doesn't seem to be part of a WWE storyline and there are no hints pointing towards Soulja Boy appearing on WWE TV anytime soon. Furthermore, WWE would want to tweets to be clean so they could talk about them on TV so this all seems to be legit between Orton and Soulja Boy.

As a result of their latest Twitter spat, Orton is once again one of the top trends on Twitter. Here are some of the recent tweets along with some of the reaction online: