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Randy Orton knocks the Punjabi Prison Match again

The Punjabi Prison Match took ten years to return and it very well might take just as long to make it back into the picture. A lot of people have differing opinions of this supreme gimmick match but the people we need to be listening to are the ones who actually took part in one of these rare matches.

Randy Orton happens to be the last person to lose one of these contests as he lost to Jinder Mahal at Battleground. The bamboo structure is rather unforgiving even though it doesn’t make much noise when someone is bounced off of it. Randy Orton hasn’t been shy about his opinion of the match either. Obviously, he wasn’t a fan of working inside the structure.

When it was pointed out how they were leaving money on the table by not booking the Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight inside the massive alternative cage, Orton had a very interesting reply.

Randy said they would never have the Mcgregor vs Mayweather fight in a match like the Punjabi Prison simply because nobody would be able to see the fight. It might have been easy for those at home to see the Punjabi Prison Match at Battleground but that’s because cameras were able to get in the cage (by the way, if you’d like to read more about the Punjabi Prison Match, it’s all covered in my new book: Planning The Biggest Party Of The Summer 2017).

Long story short, it doesn’t sound like WWE will be able to talk Randy Orton into stepping back inside the Punjabi Prison anytime soon.

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