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Randy Orton off WWE TV due to severe back issues



Tonight on WWE Monday Night Raw, former Tag Team Champion Matt Riddle kicked off the show with a message for the fans.

Riddle announced that Randy Orton went into last Friday's Tag Team unification match with a bad back and he added that Orton has been having a hard time during the last 2 years because of the back. Riddle also stated that Orton was having trouble standing before their match on Friday.

Orton has been dealing with shoulder and back issues over the years, so the statement about the back issues is likely true. Also, Orton works a reduced schedule to protect his body after years of taking bumps and this may also be WWE's way to cover for his time off before he returns to action.

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During his promo, Riddle said that we may never see RK-Bro again as a team and the announcers teased that we may have seen the last of Orton.

For what it's worth, it was reported last week that Orton is scheduled for a major match at SummerSlam. Click here for spoiler news on what is planned for him and Riddle.