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Randy Orton on Brock Lesnar not wrestling full-time, his shoulder injury, retirement and more / Gorilla Position / Gorilla Position

Jason Delow of the Gorilla Position podcast had a chance to interview Randy Orton on Friday afternoon in New York City prior to the WWE 2K17 launch party.

Orton talked about his upcoming match with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. He said that he knows that Brock will toss him around at SummerSlam but he's ready and it just takes 1 RKO to take Lesnar to Viperville. He said it could take 2 or 3.

Orton was asked about his shoulder. Orton said, "I'm 100%. Dr. Romeo out of Chicago did the surgery. It's the same kind of procedure he'd done on rugby players that have had chronic dislocations." Orton said that he's not worried at all about his shoulder.

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Regarding Lesnar not being around much. He said, "Everyone knows that Lesnar is not around a lot and I don't think that's fair to the WWE Universe. He comes and goes as he pleases [and] tends to kind of runs things when he's there [and] I don't like that. I'm there every week. I will be from here on out. What will a win mean for me? I think it would be what I need to really cement myself as the guy right now with all these new guys coming up to lead as an example for everyone else. A win over Brock Lesnar is the one thing I need to be where I need to be."

Orton said that he was taking wrestling for granted for a while and the time off helped him realize that. He would like to wrestle for another 10 years, if possible.

As noted on Friday afternoon, Orton vs. Lesnar will headline the show. Check out the interview below: