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Randy Orton on consoling Shane McMahon's family at Survivor Series, competition between RAW and SmackDown Live



Randy Orton recently spoke with CBS Sports to promote his appearance on “Shooter” this past week. During the interview, Orton was asked about consoling Shane McMahon's family at ringside at the WWE Survivor Series PPV event last month after McMahon suffered an injury in the match. Orton noted that he knows what’s like to be in McMahon's position as well as being in his family’s position due to growing up in the business. He said that the reason he talked to them is to calm them down. "I told them their dad was a champ and he was a tough dude, and he's fine, and it's just part of what we're doing right now, kids. Don't worry about it.” He noted that McMahon's kids smiled and his wife was happy and that everything was cool. He noted that when he did it at first, he thought that he was blowing his gig but at the same time that is who he is.

When asked about a possible feud with AJ Styles, Orton said that facing Styles is at the top of his list. He believes that he and Styles would have great matches every night. He praised Styles for being able to do whatever he wanted in the ring. “I feel like the mixture of both of our talents would really give the people something that they would never forget."

Several WWE Superstars have said in previous interviews that there is real competition between RAW and SmackDown Live talents. “There's competition, but it's a friendly competition," he said. He noted that there’s no looking to stab one another in the back. He added that there’s a really good of people on each brand and that they respect each other.

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You can read the entire interview here.