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Randy Orton return update



For those that have asked about Randy Orton, his timetable is said to be much slower than expected, according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter. Orton is still recovering and he will probably start training in Orlando in mid-June.

Back in February, Ric Flair said the following on his podcast in regards to Orton's injury, "Randy’s shoulder surgery was a lot more serious than people understand. He even had it done by a different surgeon this time because he wanted to make sure that… If it pops out just pounding the mat…just imagine what would happen if he took a German from Brock (Lesnar)."

Orton has a history of shoulder injuries. This injury happened when his shoulder popped while taking out the trash at his home. Orton was in attendance at the WWE Hall Of Fame in Dallas with his wife and he was in good spirits.

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