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Randy Orton shares how much money he spent for his family to attend WrestleMania 37

WWE decided to open the second night of WrestleMania 37 on Peacock with a feud that has been going on for months, which was Randy Orton taking on Bray Wyatt, who was portraying his Fiend character.

Orton showed off special attire as he had white and red trunks for the match. The Fiend also showed off his new look as it’s basically his previous look that he had before he set on fire in December, but had a new apparel top. Wyatt came out of a giant music box and no sold most of the match.

That changed when Alex Bliss came out of the box with black goo on her head, which distracted Fiend, and Orton hit his signature finisher, RKO, for the pinfall.

After the match, the former WWE Champion took to Twitter to note that he spent $20,000 for his family to attend.

Orton wrote, “WM. Historic. One of a kind, only here at #wwe you can see the spectacle! Also, I was charged 20 thousand dollars for my family (wife and 5 kids) to watch dad rassle fight a demon…. and WIN!”


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