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Rapper Copywrite alleges John Cena stole his lyrics

Copywrite recently called out John Cena with a new diss track on his “The High Exhaulted II” album.

Veteran underground rapper accused him of stealing lyrics for his own music and for his WWE performances. It’s the third track on the album titled, “Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?”

Cena stated in the past that he’s a fan of Copywrite. In the early days of his career, Cena portrayed a heel rapper gimmick. He later released his “You Can’t See Me” debut album in May 2005 with his cousin Tha Trademarc.

The Dr. of Thuganomics gimmick last from 2002-2005 before transitioning into his current character. He brought back the gimmick for a promo segment on Raw to further build to his WrestleMania match with The Rock and once again at WrestleMania 35 in 2019 for an in-ring segment with Elias.

The following was sent to us by Roundhouse Music Co:

“On his new album The High Exhaulted II, buzzing Columbus rapper Copywrite has shared news of an intriguing situation that occurred with WWE wrestler John Cena. On track 3, titled “Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?”, he reveals that Cena stole his lyrics for his own music and WWE performances in a barrage of bars that dissect the fiasco with the wrestler. As Copy says, he first caught Cena stealing lyrics for his WWE act as rapper on YouTube- “I got the news from a fan out the blue, at first I think was the truth/ til he sent the YouTube link as the proof/ now I’m tryna think what to do”. Embarrassingly for Cena, it was in fact glaringly obvious to the veteran rapper that his lyrics had been ripped off without permission, as Copy rhymes “bit it, it was so apparent”. After a beat switch, the second half of the track ups the ante even further and finds him coming at Cena with sharply-crafted, fierce bars. Lines like “lies, what your rap career is based on” and “right now, John loves to play emcee” expose Cena’s biting vehemently, driving home the point that he used many lifted lyrics to formulate his rap act for WWE.

“Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?” is a potent diss track that attacks Cena from all angles, taking no prisoners in the process. In hip-hop history, biting lyrics and styles has always been a cardinal sin, and it appears Cena has committed these sins in regards to stealing shamelessly. “Spoiler Alert / Have U Cena?” offers interesting surprises at every turn, as Copy sharply dissects the situation and throws lyrical darts at Cena with each bar.”

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