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Raw star responds to Hulk Hogan’s jab at the WWE locker room

Tyler Breeze has responded to Hulk Hogan. He didn’t tag him but it was clear that the tweet below was a response to Hogan’s tweet from Monday where he said that he wants to drop some weight because he no longer wants to look like he can beat up the whole WWE roster.

Breeze wrote, “I was gonna tweet a reply… but honestly no interest in him so I’ll say this… our roster is talented as hell.. thanks for giving back… brother ?”

For those of you that missed it, here is Hogan’s tweet from Monday that prompted the reply from Breeze:

Most of the roster has not responded to Hogan’s tweet. Quite frankly, Hogan’s tweet probably didn’t do him any favors with some of the main roster stars. If you recall, Hogan was brought back into the fold in July when he was reinstated into the WWE Hall Of Fame. WWE asked him to go backstage prior to the Extreme Rules so he could apologize to the roster. Some wrestlers felt like he was sincere but others felt like he was not sincere and it came off to them like he was sorry for being caught saying racist things rather than being sorry about what he said.

Rusev’s response to Hogan was different. Click here to read what he said.

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