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Really bad argument between Alberto El Patron and Paige backstage at recent Impact tapings

There was a brief line in the latest Wrestling Observer newsletter on Alberto El Patron and Paige from the last set of Impact Wrestling tapings in Orlando. Paige travels and hangs out backstage at the shows where he is booked. Dave Meltzer wrote, “There was a really bad argument with Alberto and Paige at the last tapings away from the arena. Everything was fine the next day.”

With all of the negative news stories surrounding them over the last year, you have to wonder if Paige’s days in WWE are numbered. The company is not going to release her while she is rehabbing her neck but the fact they do not promote her in the Total Divas commercials is a sign that they are looking to distance herself from her. The company does not have plans for her when she’s healed up but she may not want to return.

Alberto El Patron’s wife Velkei filed for divorce in June 2016 after claims that he had committed adultery. He claimed that the marriage ended in 2015 because she was “guilty of cruel treatment” towards him.

In June of 2016, Paige was briefly handcuffed and later released after the Las Vegas Metro Police Department got a call about a woman acting erratically. The reports were that she was running through traffic. Paige and Alberto’s side claimed that she was not taken to the hospital and that there was no alcohol involved.

In August 2016, she was suspended for 30 days for violating WWE’s wellness policy. She later revealed that she would be getting neck surgery. In October, she was suspended again for another wellness policy violation. That was a 60-day suspension for her second strike. WWE issued a statement saying that she had “tested positive for an illegal substance, not a prescription drug.” During that same month, Alberto was also suspended for violating their wellness policy. He exercised his opt-out clause in his contract and left the company in September.

In March 2017, explicit photos and videos of Paige were leaked online.

In October, Alberto no-showed the AAA “Heroes Immortales X” in Mexico. A day later, he posted a statement on Instagram claiming that he had been attacked by a “knife-wielding criminal.” There were different versions of the story told which raised suspicions on what actually happened and no one has been able to obtain a police report. Alberto missed the “Delete WCPW” PPV in November due to “flight issues.”

Alberto missed the WCPW show on Saturday after claims that he was dealing with an “illness.” He also pulled out of “Inside The Ropes” show on Monday. This was after he went on Twitter and ripped on “marks” that were saying that he was “trying to ruin her.” That was followed by a photo of himself and Paige drinking. In recent weeks, he posted drunken rants on Periscope ripping on Triple H and WWE.


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