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Reason for the Street Profits backstage WWE Raw segments

As noted last week, WWE is looking to bring in some of the younger fans that are not currently watching the show.

One of the ways they want to do that is by bringing in fresh talent. Ricochet is someone Paul Heyman is a fan of and he will continue to get TV time because he is someone that younger fans look at as being cool.

The Street Profits are also being looked at to get younger fans to watch. They are not in a feud on the main roster yet but WWE is trying to get them on Raw TV every week with backstage segments.

PWInsider reported that although most of the backstage segments are pre-taped earlier in the day, the Street Profits segments are being done live. It was noted that they are doing this because they want to keep their energy as vibrant as possible.

I was told that a lot of The Street Profits material is stuff that they are coming up with on their own so that is why their promos don’t sound as forced or robotic as some of the others you see on the show. They do still get bullet points on things they cannot say (ie. WWE Universe instead of fans).

For the time being, internally and on, Montez Ford and Angelo Dawkins are still considered part of NXT. Similar to Tommaso Ciampa and Johnny Gargano a few months ago, they are not considered to be main roster talent right now even though they appear weekly on Raw. That may change soon if the ratings for their Raw segments are strong.

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