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Reason why The Undertaker missed WWE’s European tour

As noted last week, The Undertaker was pulled from the entire European tour. He was pulled twice without explanation but they made it up to fans by booking Triple H vs. Dean Ambrose for those shows. This has led to more questions about The Undertaker’s status with the company. The word going around in WWE is that Taker decided against going on the tour because of terrorist activities in France and Belgium. That was what the talent was told but it seems like a strange reason not to go on the tour, considering that everyone else did go. Keep in mind that Taker was telling people at WrestleMania that he was done. Granted, he’s said that before but any WrestleMania could be his last considering his age and his injuries.

Taker does have back problems and those long flights are rough. The fact that Taker went back-and-forth all week would seem to indicate him wrestling with himself about the idea of whether he wanted to wrestle or not.

We got word from someone that saw The Undertaker near his home in Dallas this week and he was said to be looking good, all things considered.

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