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Reason why Becky Lynch took such a sick bump this week on SmackDown Live



During the SmackDown Live after Survivor Series, three fierce females invaded the Blue Brand and made their presence known in a big way. Liv Morgan, Sarah Logan, and Ruby Riot busted the SmackDown Live brand wide open.

The three NXT upstarts invaded the SmackDown Women's Title match between Natalya and Charlotte Flair leaving both women on the floor while the newcomers stood tall. But even before the three new main roster call-ups interfered in the SmackDown Women's title match, they had already done plenty of damage backstage.

Riot, Morgan, and Logan jumped Naomi and then turned their attention to Becky Lynch where the Lass Kicker felt the brunt of their ferocity. The three new additions to the Blue Team wedged Becky Lynch in a heavy metal door and slammed it shut on her. It was a rather brutal display, to say the least, and Lynch sold it brilliantly.

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Well, it looks like there was a reason why Becky Lynch suffered such a tough spot on SmackDown Live. She's set to start filming The Marine 6 very soon with The Miz and Shawn Michales.

The Miz was written off television after Roman Reigns took out the A-Lister by capturing his Intercontinental Title and then he took a table spot after the match to put the cherry on top. It looks like Becky Lynch's door spot was a way to write her off of television for a little bit as well so she can film the new WWE Studios movie.

But by the sounds of it, when Becky Lynch does come back she'll be looking for some retribution in a big way.

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