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Reason why Big Cass was fired by WWE



More details have come out on the release of Big Cass. On Tuesday evening, Dave Meltzer reported that there were several things going on and one of the straws that broke the camels back was the incident that took place several weeks ago when he broke script on Smackdown Live during a segment with a little person.

Pro Wrestling Sheet is reporting that there was another incident that happened in private on the WWE bus that chauffeurs talent.

Basically, Cass was in the bus bathroom and got stuck when the door would not open. He thought that he was being ribbed and after being stuck inside for too long, he broke the door down. That meant that anyone else who needed to use the bathroom would have to do so without a door. There were some people that understood his frustration while others were unhappy.

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This incident, combined with what happened on Smackdown and a couple of other unconfirmed incidents forced WWE's hand and the decision was made to fire him. Vince McMahon called him in for a meeting to tell him the news just a few hours before Smackdown in Toledo, Ohio.

Sports Illustrated is claiming that Cass was drinking for the majority of the recent European tour and he had "attitude issues when drunk."

Most of the time, even when there is heat from one or both sides, WWE will usually wish a talent the best in their endeavors. They did not do so this time with Cass, just like they didn't when they released Enzo Amore.