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Reason why Bill Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar Survivor Series match ended so quickly

For anyone wondering why Brock Lesnar vs. Bill Goldberg ended the way it did, there are several reasons. Goldberg noted in an interview this past week that he tweaked his shoulder. Also, he did not have time to prepare for this match as the deal for him to wrestle Lesnar was signed just a few days before his ESPN SportsCenter appearance a few weeks ago. I was told that they decided for a quick finish to get around the fact that Goldberg wasn’t able to train in time for the match. If you are one of many people that are assuming that this will lead to a rematch then you are correct. I am told that there are plans for a rematch, possibly at WrestleMania. We figured that when we were told about betting odds shifting just an hour before the show and Goldberg being the heavy favorite to win the match.

Keep in mind that there were plans already set for Lesnar at Mania so Goldberg vs. Lesnar III at Mania would mean that the company would have had to reshuffle plans for the big show if they are planning for the blowoff in Orlando. It is possible that they could do the match at the Royal Rumble but my guess is that they’ll hold off until Mania.

Also, the feeling is that the quick finish would shock the fans and get people talking. That would add more buzz for Lesnar/Goldberg III. Goldberg and Lesnar are good friends outside of the ring so I am sure that Lesnar does not mind putting over Goldberg strong to set up for their final encounter.


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