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Reason why Bobby Roode is not being featured on WWE Raw



Bobby Roode was the top guy during his championship run in NXT. He started to cool down when he moved to Smackdown Live and he seems to have faded to the background on Monday Night Raw.

Roode was not on this week's Monday Night Raw. Instead, he was featured on the WWE Main Event tapings, which are usually reserved for undercard talent.

So, what is going on with Roode? We asked someone in WWE and they told us that he is the victim of creative not having anything for him during this pay-per-view cycle. It's similar to what is happening with Sheamus and Cesaro. They are wrestling at the live events but there's only a certain amount of matches they put on pay-per-views since the split branded shows have ended.

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Roode is not being punished and he should be back on Raw soon. Vince McMahon likes Roode but he is 41 years old so they are not going to push him as a top guy on Raw. However, he is seen as a guy that will eventually transition into a backstage role when he retires.

For anyone wondering, Chad Gable, Mike Kanellis and Tyler Breeze were also on Main Event this week. Here are the results:

Chad Gable defeated Mike Kanellis
Breezango and Bobby Roode defeated Curt Hawkins and The Ascension

Roode got the win for his team after hitting the Glorious DDT on Hawkins.