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Reason why Braun Strowman destroyed EC3 on WWE Raw

There are a lot of questions on the way WWE has handled EC3 since he moved up to the main roster in January.

Aside from a win against Dean Ambrose in February, EC3 has been treated as an afterthought. He’s been losing matches at live events and he was destroyed by Braun Strowman on Monday Night Raw when he was chokeslammed through a staging area near the announcers.

We’ve been writing about it for months. The word going around WWE is he’s in the doghouse but nobody seems to know why except that Vince McMahon is not very fond of him right now. It’s surprising because many looked at him as a potential break-out star on the main roster due to his look.

Last night’s beatdown was not in the original plans. I was told that there was a segment planned for Strowman and Samoa Joe but Joe is sick with the flu so the decision was made to have EC3 get beat up to fill in for the original segment that was supposed to feature Joe.

During a dark match last week, EC3 was accompanied to the ring by Drake Maverick as his manager but that idea appears to have been dropped already.


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