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Reason why Damian Priest helped Edge at WWE WrestleMania, big plans for them



For those of you wondering what the deal is between Edge and Damian Priest, there are big plans in store for them.

As seen tonight at WWE WrestleMania 38, Damian Priest showed up at ringside during Edge's match with AJ Styles. Priest's presence caused a distraction that allowed Edge to recover and hit Styles with a spear to win the match.

As reported by Fightful, Edge is starting a new heel stable on the Raw brand. The idea is to add more to Edge's heel presentation and a few names have been discussed for the stable.

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Edge has new theme music and got a completely new entrance at WrestleMania to get over his new heel character.

No word yet on who else might join the stable but it looks like we will find out more on Monday Night Raw.