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Reason why Daniel Bryan was kept out of Money In The Bank Match



Money In The Bank is shaping up to be a massive show with possibly 10 matches but Daniel Bryan is missing from one of the key spots on the card even though he was highly favored by the fans to be able to fight for a chance to become Mr. Money In The Bank.

It was noted in the recent Wrestling Observer Newsletter WWE decided to keep Daniel Bryan out of the Money In The Bank Ladder Match due to the fact that ladder matches increase the risk of neck injuries and concussions which are both things WWE wants to avoid with Daniel Bryan in a big way.

Daniel Bryan still gets a medical checkup after every match. He has to get this done even before thanking his opponent as is the tradition. But for Bryan, the tradition is to go straight into the trainer's room. He takes a basic test but every time he works a match to make sure he's still in fighting shape and able to compete.

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In a way it's good WWE is being this careful with Daniel Bryan. But in the end, being overly cautious could also rob him of some spotlight moments like competing in a Money In The Bank Match. It's just a good thing Big Cass is around so he has someone to compete against on the show.

But WWE can't risk having a guy like Daniel Bryan working injured after coming back from a two-year retirement. After all, his appearances on Total Divas and Total Bellas have raised his public profile substantially so now even housewives care about Daniel Bryan's wellbeing along with pro wrestling fans and nobody wants to see him get hurt no matter how much he loves to wrestle.