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Reason why Dio Maddin is still off WWE TV

There have been questions from fans wondering why Dio Maddin was not back on Monday Night Raw since it’s been a few weeks since he took the beating from Brock Lesnar on Monday Night Raw.

These days in WWE, someone will take a beating and they will be back on TV a week later or, if they were beaten up on a pay-per-view, they show up a day later as if nothing happened. This has happened before when Michael Cole has been attacked by wrestlers.

This time, apparently, they want Lesnar’s beating on Maddin to mean something. Dave Meltzer noted in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Maddin still has his spot on the commentary team and he is still off TV simply because he is selling the beating he took.

Maddin is 28-year old former NFL offensive tackle Brennan Williams. He wrestled on NXT live events since 2016 before he was brought up to 205 Live to do commentary. Just a few weeks later, at the request of Paul Heyman, he was brought to Monday Night Raw to be a part of the new broadcast team as part of the rebranding of the show.

Maddin is not done with wrestling so there’s a good chance that he will eventually move on from commentary and step back into the ring. In fact, the commentary gig was something that caught him by surprise because he had full intentions to continue wrestling. However, as of now, he is considered to be an announcer and Heyman is a fan of his work.


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