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Reason why Drew McIntyre did not appear at the Greatest Royal Rumble



Most of the male roster flew out for Friday's Greatest Royal Rumble show with a few exceptions. As previously noted, Sami Zayn did not go out of respect to the Saudi culture because of Zayn's previous statements about the conflict with Syria. The Big Show, although advertised for weeks, was also not on the show. WWE even flew in a few NXT Superstars but one name was noticeably absent from the show.

Raw's newest Superstar Drew McIntyre was not booked for the show but there is no controversy behind his absence.

As noted by PWInsider, the belief among the wrestlers is that McIntyre was not flown out for the show because they couldn't get his Visa issues handled in time since he just returned to action after being out with an injury.

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Fans of McIntyre have nothing to worry about because the word in WWE is that Vince McMahon loves him. If there was a checklist of things that McMahon likes then McIntyre would qualify as someone that meets all of the criteria. He's tall, good looking, can work in the ring and he can talk. Those are all of the elements needed for McMahon to consider him for a run as a main eventer.

One person joked to me that McMahon likely doesn't remember that McIntyre worked for the company almost a decade ago. That might be a good thing.