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Reason why Kevin Sullivan did not appear on Dark Side of The Ring

Dark Side of The Ring producer Evan Husney recently joined Conrad Thompson for an interview on the two part Benoit episodes that recently aired. During the interview Husney would reveal that Kevin Sullivan was originally pegged to be part of the shows, however he declined the offer.

“The only person who was really on the list that we wanted to have in the story?” Husney began. “Someone that we planned originally to have in the story was Kevin Sullivan. He was someone that we wanted to participate in the story. Mostly because you know he was there, you know, so early on in Nancy’s [Benoit] career.

Wanting to highlight Nancy’s career

Husney would elaborate further, saying how the show wanted to portray Nancy Benoit’s career. “Highlighting Nancy’s career was such an important aspect of doing this project. As her legacy has been so tarnished and swept under the rug after all these events in 2007. We felt like it was really important to highlight that and Jason [Eisner] and I are just huge fans of Nancy’s and her whole era as the Fallen Angel especially. But also you know Woman and everything else that she did. We wanted to really spend a good amount of time on her career and also highlight the whole Fallen Angel era. Kevin [Sullivan] is such a huge part of that.”

Kevin Sullivan declining the offer

Husney finished by describing the situation with Sullivan and why he felt the offer to participate was declined. “I also wanted to highlight aspects of their personal life and have him [Sullivan] comment directly. I mean that was always the intention. When we reached out to him or, you know, when I did, and spoke to him about it? It was tough, because for him it was just like it immediately was a complicated family situation between him and Nancy’s family. And I realised that I was kind of stepping into something that was bigger than me and bigger than this project. It was unfortunate because I think that if Kevin participated, it would’ve lent his perspective. I mean of course we would have wanted that. So that was the only person I think that for us and I can think of that was hesitant to participate.”

Kevin Sullivan will be appearing on Jim Cornette’s podcast next week. Cornette explained recently that the reason Sullivan did not appear on the programme was “communication” issues and that he did not want to upset Nancy’s parents. Cornette wanted to make it clear that Sullivan was not trying to protect himself, that he was wanting to protect others by not appearing.

Check out the video below for more clarification:

If you use any portion of the quotes from this article please credit Conrad Thompson with a h/t to for the transcription


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