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Reason why Lana and Rusev were separated on WWE TV

There’s a large group of fans that appreciate Rusev because he a very good wrestler, can cut effective promos, and if he is pushed as a main eventer, can be an effective monster heel. That’s why there were so many fans upset when rumors surfaced this week claiming that he and wife Lana asked for their release from WWE. Thankfully, the story turned out to be false and the couple quickly took to Twitter to shoot down the rumors.

Lana is getting a singles push so it would be foolish to ask for a release now and Rusev’s quick loss at SummerSlam was not meant to be a punishment. In actuality, it was meant to be the start of a long-term feud with Randy Orton so things are not as bad as some would like you to believe.

So, why was the couple split up on WWE TV? They explained why they needed to go their separate ways in an interview with Lana said, “One of the reasons why I don’t feel like I need to manage him right now is I feel like I’ve taught him everything I need to teach him, and helped him, and everything, and that’s why I have to go use my amazing ravishing ambition with other women to help bring them to the top.”

Later in the interview, Rusev seemed fully supportive of her as a singles wrestler but didn’t rule out the possibility of getting back together on TV. He said, “It’s her time to do her own thing. We’ve been together for so long, and we’re going to come back together. But it’s time for her to establish her own name into the women’s division because she hasn’t done it before. She has such a big name in the male’s division, that now she’s moving on to something that’s better.”

So, there you have it. This week, Lana was involved in a backstage segment with Tamina. The idea seems to be that Lana will be the one to motivate Tamina as she chases the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Rusev was not on Smackdown Live this week but neither was Randy Orton. They should be back on TV within the next week or two to continue their feud.

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