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Reason why latest Aleister Black vignette didn’t air on Friday’s WWE SmackDown



Aleister Black’s return was teased during the April 23rd edition of SmackDown. This is where he talked about “monsters” and how they should be scorched from the Earth.

Fans were expecting to see the latest vignette on Friday’s throwback edition, but it didn’t air. reports the vignette was expected to air during the show, but it didn’t because it was pulled at the last minute due to the show running long in some of the early segments.

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Of course, Black was part of a group of guys that were pushed on Raw last year when Paul Heyman was still the Executive Director

That all changed when Heyman was relieved of his duties. Black was later moved to SmackDown as part of the Draft last year. He was quickly put on the shelf around the same time that Thea Trinidad (Zelina Vega), who is Black’s wife, was released by the company.