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Reason why Naomi and The Usos have been off WWE TV



For those of you that have asked, the reason why The Usos and Naomi have been off WWE TV in recent weeks is because Jey Uso and Naomi have been dealing with ankle injuries. The news was first reported in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. It wouldn't make sense to feature Jimmy Uso if his brother is out of action so that's why they've been off TV. It's interesting that Naomi has been out with an ankle injury because she was venting on twitter this past week about not having a storyline.

On Tuesday night, she was retweeting fans that were expressing frustration over her not being featured on WWE TV and she expressed frustration over not being featured on a Total Divas graphic for WIN Award for best reality series. She hasn't wrestled since the 11/27 live event. Jey Uso has not wrestled since the Smackdown Live #1 Contendership Tag Team Turmoil match from 11/22.

It appears that Naomi is cleared because she is expected back this week.

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