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Reason why Nikki Bella was pulled from Team Smackdown at WWE Survivor Series



For those of you that have asked, the reason why Nikki Bella was pulled out of the Team Smackdown Live vs. Team Raw match at Survivor Series was not because of a real-life injury. The backstage attack segment had been planned out weeks ago, according to the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

The storyline will lead to the reveal of her attacker, which they want you to believe is Natalya.

On this past week's episode of Smackdown Live, Nikki accused Carmella of being the attacker. That led to Nikki announcing that she would be wrestling Carmella at the TLC PPV in a No DQ match.

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If they wanted to do this right then they should hold off on revealing the attacker until March. That would lead to the reveal being Becky Lynch (turning heel, of course) with the reason being that Lynch was jealous that she was not the team captain at Survivor Series and jealous that Nikki gets more air time even though Becky is WWE Smackdown Women's Champ. That's just my fantasy booking but a great way to make a women's match feel important at WrestleMania.