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Reason why Ronda Rousey did not appear on this week’s WWE Raw

Some fans have asked about Ronda Rousey since she was not at Raw this week. WWE actually posted a note on their website to let fans know that she would not be on the show because she was filming for Shark Week on the Discovery channel.

Here is what WWE announced just prior to Raw:

“Ronda Rousey will not appear on Monday Night Raw tonight, as she is currently filming for Shark Week, which begins Sunday, July 22 on Discovery.

Although Rousey is typically sinking her teeth into the Women’s division on the red brand, this week she is on location for an as-yet unrevealed piece of Shark Week programming.”

As of this writing, Rousey is advertised for the following events:

May 16 – live event in Geneva, Switzerland
May 17 – live event in Vienna, Austria
May 18 – live event in Turin, Italy
May 19 – live event in Paris, France
June 11 – Raw in Little Rock, AK
June 18 – Raw in Grand Rapids, MI
June 24 – live event in Anaheim, CA
June 25 – Raw in San Diego
July 7 – Madison Square Garden
July 8 – live event in Bridgeport, CT
August 20 – Raw in Brooklyn, NY
August 27 – Raw in Toronto, ON

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