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Reason why several former WWE stars turned down offers to return to the company

As we noted several weeks ago, MVP was one of the names that WWE reached out to about returning to the company. The talks with MVP are dead and he is not expected back. Apparently, things were close to being finalized because he was scheduled to go through WWE’s standard medical tests at one point.

So far, Rhyno, Jinder Mahal, and Curt Hawkins have signed deals. Shelton Benjamin is injured and needs surgery for his torn rotator cuff but it’s possible that WWE will bring him in once he’s healed.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said that he got the impression that WWE didn’t really want MVP back that badly. Also, as we noted a few weeks ago, the names being contacted to return are being offered low money deals. The reasoning for that (from WWE’s side) is that they are not going to be featured as top acts and there are no real long-term storyline plans for the returning stars. Basically, they are just there to help put over younger talent.

Tommy Dreamer turned down a full-time offer to return to the company, in part, because he would have been required to shut down his House of Hardcore promotion. Dreamer did say that he would be open to working some shows for WWE. One wrestler that was contacted by WWE told us that he can make more money on the independent scene while wrestling less and most indy companies cover travel and hotel. WWE doesn’t cover travel expenses for talent unless they are on an international tour. AJ Styles was making very good money wrestling on the independent scene and for NJPW so his money offer from WWE must have been a good one for him to give that up.


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