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Reason why several WWE stars are not being paid right now



A little over a week ago, in response to a fan tweet, Braun Strowman noted that he is not getting paid due to WWE not running a regular schedule. Wrestlers have a downside guarantee and they get a percentage of revenue from live events and merchandise.

In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it was noted that the reason why The Revival are currently not getting paid is that they have surpassed their downside guarantee. Meltzer noted that they haven't received a paycheck in two months.

Meltzer also noted that a lot of talent would fall in the same boat so they wouldn't be getting paid right now. So, that appears to be why Strowman is currently not getting paid. Under normal circumstances, he would get a check for working WrestleMania but it's unclear how WWE is handling pay for Mania since they are not making money from tickets, merchandise or any of the Mania weekend events that have been canceled.

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Meltzer noted that some wrestlers, like Heath Slater, made sure that their $400,000 downside was paid bi-weekly instead of agreeing to take regular payments every other week based on house shows and merchandise.

The vast majority of wrestlers who don't make their downside get a lump sum at the end of the year. It made sense for Slater to get structure his pay with bi-weekly checks since he's rarely booked.

Scott Dawson's deal is up in a few weeks but Dash Wilder is not free until June due to time added on his contract. There could be some financial pressure on them to sign since they won't be getting a paycheck until June at the earliest, assuming that AEW signs them. The coronavirus shutting down shows doesn't guarantee that they will get paid in June if AEW has a bunch of shows already taped.