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Reason why there is no physical WWE Hall Of Fame

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Reason why there is no physical WWE Hall Of Fame

It sounds like a great idea, but WWE still doesn’t have an actual WWE Hall Of Fame. There might be a list of Hall Of Fame members and enough WWE treasures to fill a huge warehouse but there is no physical building housing the WWE Hall Of Fame.

I guess the closest thing fans get every year is WrestleMania Axxess because they can step into WWE’s past a little bit and see some pretty cool things on display. However, the ground has yet to be broken on an actual WWE HOF location.

A lot of fans wonder why this hasn’t happened yet and although Orlando Florida seems like a great location because it’s NXT’s home and already a tourist destination the actual WWE Hall Of Fame/Museum is still something that rests in the “should be” category of reality.

Dave Meltzer was recently asked why there is no actual WWE Hall Of Fame and his answer was quite simple. Apparently, there is no reason other than the fact that Vince McMahon doesn’t see any economic value in the idea and nobody’s offered to pay for it themselves. Therefore it remains something that just hasn’t happened and very well might not logically become a real thing.

So in the meantime, we can always hope a WWE superfan wins the lottery and decides he wants to invest his winnings to pay for WWE to erect an actual Hall Of Fame. Until then it might be a good idea just to try and make WrestleMania Axxess.

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