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Reason why TMZ announced Savage HOF news, Hardy/TNA, Otunga update, more

Dave Meltzer noted today that the reason why WWE leaked the Randy Savage Hall of Fame induction news to TMZ was because they wanted it to get mainstream attention. I noted earlier that they also wanted to get the word out on tonight’s Raw because the tickets go on sale this Saturday. They like to have a big name announced to get fans to get fans pumped up before tickets become available. There were people in the company that were pretty sure on Friday that Savage was going to be inducted. The Raw script on Friday had time allotted for the Hall of Fame announcement/video but to keep it a secret they didn’t list Savage’s name in the script.

Jeff Hardy was trending earlier today on Facebook. Here’s what was written: “Jeff Hardy – WWE wrestler was knocked out after falling from top of cage onto steel steps during match.”

Facebook did fix it later though.

NXT moves to Wednesdays on the WWE Network beginning this week since Smackdown will now be on Thursday. Smackdown will air on Wednesday in Canada.

As noted, David Otunga worked house shows this past weekend. He is not booked for Raw though and has already flown back home.

Actor Stephen Amell from the TV show “Arrow” has been pushing for the last few months to be on guest host on Raw. He’s a big WWE fan and has been tweeting about it recently in the last few days.


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