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Reason why Vince McMahon is giving R-Truth so much WWE TV time



As previously noted, R-Truth regained the WWE 24/7 Championship at Drake Maverick's wedding. That would make him a 6-time 24/7 Champion. You can expect to see a lot more of R-Truth on WWE television as the 24/7 title changes continue to revolve around him.

A WWE source told me that the reason why R-Truth is always in the 24/7 title picture is that Vince McMahon trusts him to pull off anything the writers come up with.

"Vince loves Ron," said the source. "Everyone loves Ron but Vince really loves the guy because he is up for everything. Sometimes Vince can tell when someone is not into what they are doing because it's silly or whatever. You never see that with Ron and Vince loves that. I think Ron will have a job for life here if he wants it."

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The source added, "Remember little Jimmy? Vince loved that stuff. He would laugh so hard at that stuff."

Vince gave Truth a chance to work as a heel in 2011 but that only lasted a few months. The WWE source told me, "Yea, that is because Vince wanted him to do comedy again. He says the fans smile when they see Ron so he needed to go back to being a face. Vince didn't like him as a heel."

I was also told that the 24/7 title story is leading to something with Carmella. It doesn't necessarily mean that they want her to turn heel but putting the title on one of the women is something that has been talked about and Carmella is the leading candidate to get the title soon.

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