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Reason why Vince McMahon killed the New Nation faction, more on the SportsCenter WWE show, CM Punk

Wrestling Observer’s Mike Sempervive has an ongoing thread on the Wrestling Observer forum (visit to subscribe and check it out) with unsolicited addendum’s from people that work in WWE. They are basically thoughts, opinions, and musings on things that have reported or questions to things asked online. You can only find stuff like this on the Observer site so I’d highly recommend that you at least give them a try for a month. Below are some of the things sent in to Sempervive.

For those wondering on the status of the New Nation, here is why Vince McMahon decided to kill the new angle. Vince McMahon was adamant about not wanting the new angle with Kofi Kingston, Big E, and Xavier Woods to be racial. So based on that he killed any inference that it was a new Nation of Domination.

Here is a follow up on the SportsCenter type show that was talked about for the network. The ideas for the show were brought to Vince. They even produced a test show and it was shown before the launch of the network. Vince was convinced that it was the wrong direction to go. He felt that it wasn't the type of thing that the WWE audience would want.

Also, one other thing to keep in mind is that Raw is 3 hours, Smackdown is 3 hours, and then you have the 3 hour pay-per-views and one hour of WWE Main Event so they have so much live TV to produce each week so producing more programming for the network would require a lot of commitment, time, and energy and the company is not willing to expand and they certainly are not going to do it now with the cost cutting.

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Here's a side note on CM Punk: Many people in the company did respect what he did by leaving but there were many others that breathed a sigh of relief and said "thank God" because they didn't have to deal with him anymore. The feelings on him varied from person to person.