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Reason why Wade Barrett was written off WWE TV

We got several emails from fans asking what was up with Wade Barrett changing his name from King Barrett to Stu Bennett (his real name) on his twitter account. Some fans questioned whether this meant that he was leaving the company especially after the angle on Raw where his tag team partners turned on him.

That is not the case. He is headed back to the United Kingdom because he is getting ready to film the WWE Studios film "Eliminators." WWE Studios teamed up with British-financing company Richwater Films to make this movie and filming starts next week.

"Eliminators" (starring Scott Adkins and Barrett) will follow a former U.S. federal agent who must abandon the witness protection program and come out of hiding after his home in London is mistakenly invaded. The lead character will then find himself on the run from Europe's most dangerous asassin so he can get his daugher to safety.

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