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Reason why Willie Mack is not in Orlando yet, Triple H and Steph know nothing about UFC

The following is from Wrestling Observer's Mike Sempervive ongoing thread on the Wrestling Observer forum (click here to subscribe and check it out) with unsolicited addendum's from people that work in WWE. They are basically thoughts, opinions, and musings on things that have reported or questions to things asked online. You can only find stuff like this on the Observer site so I'd highly recommend that you at least give them a try for a month. Many things that are reported on the Observer site don't get reported elsewhere. Below are some of the things sent in to Sempervive.

The reason why Willie Mack is not in Orlando yet is because everyone has different "arrival dates" for their first day there. There were two other people that were in the same camp as Willie Mack and Kevin Steen and they have not moved to Orlando yet but were offered to. The dates are scattered and just because you were in a camp together doesn't mean that you'll start at the Performance Center together.

Triple H and Stephanie McMahon know NOTHING about UFC. They are not fans of UFC and they don't know most of the fighters. They also don't get the hype behind Ronda Rousey. Paul Heyman hooked the Horsewomen with access to the backstage area. Apparently Triple H buried them privately since he's a Four Horseman fan. Heyman was the one that clued Stephanie in as to who the women were.

The Horsewomen were the most over stars at SummerSlam and the whole front row behind the commentators were all celebrity comps.

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