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Reason why WWE changed the name of Seth Rollins’ finisher

When Seth Rollins broke out the Curb Stomp after a long period of fluctuating between finishers and eventually finding the Pedigree for a short time, the pro wrestling world rejoiced. Plenty of fans missed seeing the move that made Rollins the first-ever NXT Champion and helped him successfully cash in his Money In The Bank at WrestleMania. But now that it’s back, it seems like they changed up the name.

WWE used to actually call the Curb Stomp the “Blackout” which was a really clever name. Not only was it a nod to Rollins’ former name Tyler Black, but it was also illustrated the unconsciousness an opponent goes through after taking the move.

But recently it seems like the WWE announce team has switched up Seth Rollins’ finisher. But changing the name is an acceptable consolation for having the move back in The Architect’s arsenal.

One fan recently asked Dave Meltzer, “why do they keep calling it the stomp? Why can’t Cole say curb stomp or blackout?” Meltzer had a very succinct¬†answer that also pretty much sums up everything else in WWE.

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