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Reason why WWE is booking Jeff Hardy to lose matches, big plans for Jinder Mahal

One of the topics of conversation coming out of last night’s WWE Raw was Jeff Hardy losing what essentially was a squash match to the returning Jinder Mahal.

There has been speculation that Hardy is being buried by WWE because his contract might be coming up. asked someone at WWE about this and we were told that Hardy has 2 more years left on his deal. Hardy said last year during an interview that he re-signed with the company and the plan is for him to bring back the “No More Words” entrance music once WWE goes back on the road.

We are told that the change of theme music is still in the cards and he is not getting buried. We were told that WWE is simply rotating talent so some people will be moved to the backburner for now. This is essentially what happened with wrestlers like Angel Garza, Nikki Cross, and Humberto Carrillo. After being on the sidelines for months, WWE is starting to push Garza and Carrillo and Cross is about to return to Raw soon to interact again with Alexa Bliss.

We’re told that Mahal is slated to get a big push and the idea is to build him up for his eventual feud with Drew McIntyre in the summer months.

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