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Reason why WWE NXT star is getting a bigger push



Since last November when WWE repackaged Xia Li in NXT, she has been pushed as a dominant start, but had been feuding with lower card talents such as Kacy Catanzaro and Kayden Carter.

On Tuesday’s episode of NXT, WWE started a program with Li and Mercedes Martinez as Martinez won her match against Zayda Ramier, but ended up with a marking on her hand after the lights went out. This signaled the start of the feud between them.

Dave Meltzer noted on today’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio that there is a big movement within WWE to have international stars for certain markets. Thus, Li is seen as the top star for the Chinese market, and having her feud with Martinez is the start of a bigger push since Martinez has been pushed for the majority of her time in NXT.

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“In this one, it’s just someone for Xia Li to wrestle and it’s a veteran...the deal with Xia Li, in WWE right now, there’s a big movement to have international stars for certain markets. They have this idea, but then like with Mansoor, they have the idea but then they won’t go with them which is very weird, but they want a Latin star besides Rey Mysterio because Rey’s 46-years-old.

They really want Indian stars, which is why we got freaking Jinder [Mahal] again. Then they want Chinese stars, and that’s where Xia comes in. Xia’s got some charisma, she’s got the martial arts ability when she does her stuff it kinda looks good and everything. I don’t know if she can make it or not. That’s the whole thing, she’s a project. Mercedes has been around for probably close to 20 years so Mercedes’ job is to help season Xia Li. That’s why they’re doing that program now.”