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Reason why WWE pulled Naomi and Jimmy Uso from Total Divas, WWE stock update

The reason why the decision was made to remove Naomi (Triniti Fatu) and Jimmy Uso (Jonathan Fatu) from Total Divas is because once they got married they felt that there wasn't really anything that they could do since Naomi and Cameron were broken up as best friends on the show and the married couple storylines would be taken up by the other married couples on the show. Yes, for those that have emailed to ask, much of the show is scripted.

As we noted over the weekend, Summer Rae has also been dropped from the show. The new commercial for Total Divas is below.

WWE didn't have such a good week with their stock. As of this writing the stock is at $11.02 which is up slightly from their lowest mark when they announced their new TV deal with NBC Universal. The company is valued at $821,940,000.

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