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Reason why WWE waited so long to grant Neville his release

Neville was finally granted his release last week after having his contract frozen since walking away from WWE last October. The 32-year old was said to be unhappy with creative at the time he chose to leave. Despite the rumors out there, Enzo Amore has said in interviews that he was close with Neville so the issues apparently have less to do with being programmed with Amore and more to do with what creative was doing with him overall.

Dave Meltzer reported that Neville tried to get his release a while ago but WWE did not want to set a precedent where wrestlers could walk out and then sign with a company like New Japan Pro Wrestling, which is where it was expected he was going.

They chose to freeze his contract for ten months and Meltzer reports that there is no non-compete clause in effect, which means that he is now free to appear for any company right now. That will lead to speculation about All In but nobody has confirmed anything and Neville has been silent since leaving the company in October. It’s worth noting that Matt Jackson has been in contact with him.

Cody Rhodes, Juice Robinson and Sami Callihan have done well after leaving WWE. If Neville does well on the independent scene, then it could be what convinces others in WWE to leave and make a bigger name for themselves before returning in a few years.

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