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Reason why WWE WrestleMania was so long and why it could get longer next year

The news is not good for those of you who are not fans of extra long WWE pay-per-views.

All shows are longer nowadays and that includes the B shows and there is nothing indicating that shows will be shortened anytime soon.

Aside from wanting to get as many wrestlers on the show as possible, the main reason why live shows on the WWE Network are so long is that there are incentives for executives. The watch hours on the network are important to business partners and investors and they are touted in WWE quarterly reports.

Brandon Howard Thurston, independent wrestler and co-host of Wrestlenomics Radio, pointed out that WWE’s 2017 proxy statement showed that executives were given bonuses based on the number of hours of content consumed on the WWE Network.

As you can see below, the WrestleMania minutes have increased since the launch of the WWE Network. The chart shows that WrestleMania in 2017 and 2018 each ran for 310 minutes. That record was shattered last night. WrestleMania 35 was extended to 330 minutes. The Kickoff show ran for 120 minutes for a total of 450 minutes of live content on Sunday night.

It would not surprise me to see WWE decide on splitting WrestleMania into two days. It probably won’t happen next year but I’m betting on that happening in the next few years as the shows continue to get longer.

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