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Reby Hardy and Ashley Massaro get heated after Massaro tags Matt Hardy

Reby Hardy and Ashley Massaro

It's safe to say Reby Hardy and Ashley Massaro don't quite like one another. Massaro recently Tweeted out that she was going through some old records in her garage, and came across a CD Matt Hardy once burned for her when they were a couple several years ago. Massaro tagged Matt in the Tweet and said she hopes him and his family are doing well.

However, Reby Hardy, Matt's wife, responded and was not happy at all. She claimed that Massaro showed up to Matt's home back in 2011 when Reby was out of town, and she had pills with her. This was during a time when Matt was struggling with addiction issues. Reby and Massaro then got into a lengthy back and forth exchange on Twitter.

Check out their war of words below:

"Omgoodness so I’m going through my garage looking for old tax stuff (yea good times lol) n I find a box including one cd burned for me by @MATTHARDYBRAND from 2005 currently listening to it n had some really good music on it-only up to song 8 rn-hope he n his fam r doin amazing!"

"Last time we spoke I said I’d knock u on ya ass on sight & u wanna pop up with “hOpE ur fAm iS aMaziNg” like u think I forgot u tried to come over here w pills while I was out of town in ‘11 ? Bitch FOH. u may be running the Jesus gimmick these days but I don’t forget shit."

"Sit down Reby, was living in NY in 2011 n nowhere near NC-there was no ‘aw precious moments’ here-I simply stated I found a cd from 2005 Matt made frm BACK IN THE DAY! No nostalgia!Bless ur heart darlin’-Just u.getting rowdy.per usual.n ps knock my a$$ on site?BAHAHA ya ok-growup"

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"Of course you RT for everyone to see lmao...You getting that attention you were looking for booboo ? Yet you want me to *sit down* while you out here publicly reminiscing bout someone else’s husband AFTER ALL YOUR SHADY BULLSHIT ? I know damn right where you was in ‘11..."

"You could’ve gone on with your instigatingass tweet & I would ignored it like every other damn time you’ve mentioned him, but the moment you mention “the fam” is the moment you’re gonna get called out. Fakeass."

"...cuz I have screenshots of u asking for flights. Do I need to dig up the iphone4 ? ur crustyass pops up every few yrs like a fuckin herpes sore it’s played out. “Grow up” LOL nah bitch I’m good. Try that bigger person pseudo mature bullshit with someone else I’ll fuckin pop u"

"Seems like I dislike a lot of people for “no reason”, huh Lemme make it clear: there is ALWAYS a reason. And reason #1 is almost always bc someone enabled, encouraged or supplied drugs to my family. They will NEVER not be called out for it & I will never forget that."

"Maybe now some of you geniuses can put the pieces together."

"může Ježíš žehnej vám a vaší rodině drahou"

"As in ‘Czech Mate’ lol can’t go wrong w sending blessings! God is good-I never ONCE pressed ANYONE to take anything EVER-EW-that’s laughable,were talking about grown ass men w lengthy careers when I was in the biz 10 secs compared-comon now rebs! Really?!Break out that iPhone 4!"