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Reby Hardy comments on Jeff Hardy not being “needed” for Ultimate Deletion, misinformation spread online

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Apparently, there has been some misinformation spread online about the upcoming Ultimate Deletion that will air this Monday Night on Raw. Many fans have speculated on how much involvement Jeff Hardy will have after he was busted for DWI over the weekend.

In response to a fan on Instagram that suggested that Jeff was “needed” for Ultimate Deletion, Reby said the following: “Matt has busted his ass to get to this point. He & I have been fighting for this to happen for nearly a year. After the hard work & $50k+ in legal fees that *WE* paid, I’m gonna have to say NO. He is not “needed”. Jeff is clearly doing his own thing & it has nothing to do with us right now.”

She also took to Twitter to comment on misinformation being spread online. One fan, with no source cited, said that “James Borash” and Matt Hardy were given creative control. Reby responded: “So much misinformation being touted as truth from people who have exactly ZERO real insight or information on what they’re talking about. Seriously, unless you know – REALLY KNOW – just shut it with the “scoops” & speculate like the rest of them ?”

So there you have it.

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