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Reby Hardy has more words for Impact, Dutch Mantell responds: "think of your baby"

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling

The ugly fight between The Hardys and Anthem/Impact Wrestling continues on social media. It started with a comment made by Dutch Mantell after a fan noted that The Hardys would get this case in front of a judge if they had a legal right to the "Broken" characters. Mantell replied, "Finally...somebody who GETS IT!! Yes if there was a case to be had, it would already be there. @EdNordholm @RealJeffJarrett."

That prompted a response from Reby Hardy. Hardy wrote, "Someone please tell me if this is this MFer's actual twitter. So I should let our attorneys know TNA is ready & eager to go to court NOW. And I assume YOU'LL be picking up court cost$ for TNA's team ? As cute as it is to watch @DirtyDMantell play into the naivety of most fans, no; it is not smart - financially or otherwise to take......ANYTHING "straight to court" without trying to reach resolution by other means first. @DirtyDMantell, maybe you should STFU before you......COMPLETELY ruin any chance of a deal being made by the lawyers your dumbass company pays VERY HANDSOMELY per hour for @DirtyDMantell ***OR*** We can "get in front of a judge" right tf now because fcking Dutch Mantel is legal counsel all of a sudden LMAO. ! @EdNordholm, might wanna check ya boy @DirtyDMantell out here making ur uphill battle even steeper ? I won't even charge u for that advice.

Mantell responded, "Oh @RebyHardy. Be nice. Calm down. Think of your baby. Love you guys. ❤️❤️??@WWE"

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Reby then wrote, "Of course, a guy like you *would* try to level me down as only being able to focus on a baby as your only response. With heart emojis."