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Recent Nikki Bella post adds fuel to rumors that she is still with John Cena

Nikki Bella says she is not back with John Cena and there is no reunion or reconciliation, despite a photo posted recently on her Instagram that shows her with Cena in a hot tub.

According to what sources told TMZ, Nikki and John are still single.

The claim from Nikki's side is that she was simply reminiscing about the past year and thinking about what she's been thankful for.

Of course, this contradicts what friends of Nikki and John have said to us. They were together in Lake Tahoe when Total Divas cameras were there in July and Nikki could be seen avoiding taking a fan photo. Cena was not featured in the episode because it would break with the storyline that she was "single" during that time. They were also together in August shortly after she publicly announced that they were done.

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Nikki and John were also seen shopping together in Australia after the WWE Super Show-Down in October and they were spotted together just a few weeks ago when John flew back from China while on break from movie filming.

Here is the photo that was posted to her Instagram on Thanksgiving: