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Recently released Sin Cara could be in legal trouble with WWE

On Saturday night, we noted that recently released WWE Superstar Sin Cara did a run-in at AAA’s Guerra de Titanes show. Sin Cara’s name was shown on the big screen and he was referred by that name by the announcers.

His debut with AAA is not surprising but what is a head scratcher is that he is currently under a 90-day non-compete and WWE owns the Sin Cara trademark. There are two possible reasons why he would use the name on a non-WWE show.

Either WWE allowed him to work on the show and they gave him permission to use the name or he did so without clearing it with them and the promotion was not worried about any repercussions.

It looks like the latter is the case. Dave Meltzer reported on Sunday that there was no deal worked out with WWE for the name Sin Cara to be used in AAA and he, along with the other names released, were under 90-day non-compete agreements. That would mean that he would not be legally able to work for another wrestling promotion until early March.

We’ll see if more comes out on this situation. On the surface, it looks like the man under the mask, Jorge Arias, could be in legal trouble with WWE.

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