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Recently released WWE star debuts for AAA promotion in Mexico

Recently released WWE Superstar Sin Cara made his debut on Saturday night for the AAA promotion in Mexico at the Guerra de Titanes show.

He did a run-in saving Pagano from a multi-man attack. The interesting thing was that he appeared as Sin Cara and WWE owns the trademark on that name. The audio feed cut out during his segment so they replayed it later in the broadcast and they called him Sin Cara again so apparently, AAA does not care about WWE’s trademark ownership.

Perhaps, he will be able to get away with using the name while working in Mexico but if he ever plans on working again in the United States, I would think that promotions would not want him to use that name since they would be subject to legal action.

Another thing that is interesting about his appearance is that it is believed that he is under a 90-day non-compete which means he is not legally allowed to appear for another promotion until early March.

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