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Mike Chioda says AEW covers hotels and 'everything' for referees, WWE does not do the same

All Elite Wrestling

All Elite Wrestling

During the latest Monday Mailbag podcast, former WWE referee Mike Chioda was asked if he thinks a referee union or a union in general would work in pro wrestling:

“If you try to mention a union with the WWE, that is definitely out of the question. I do know that AEW takes care of their referees as far as paying for their hotels and everything. There’s a lot of guys in WWE who are not crew refs that don’t get paid their stuff. You just can’t mention a union in professional wrestling.

I think these companies make big enough money where they can take care of 50-100 talents. You should be able to take care of that talent, all of the talent. You have to look at a professional football team. These guys, 50-some men on the roster, they’re getting taken care of, hotel, trainers, this, that They get everything paid for. Traveling expenses, everything. I just think that if you have, say 50-75 main guys on the roster including RAW and SmackDown, is that too many guys we can’t take care of? The referees should be taken care of.”

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