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Referee Mike Chioda says referees during the Attitude Era were told not to count wrestlers out of the ring



During a recent Monday Mailbag show, former WWE referee Mike Chioda was asked if the referees during The Attitude Era were instructed not to count wrestlers out of the ring.

The referees in today's WWE are told to treat things as a shoot and if someone fails to get in the ring by the ten-count then the match is over even if it was not the planned finish. Chioda says that during the Attitude Era, referees would stop counting.

“That’s true," Chioda said. "There was so much HAHA going on. When you had The Attitude Era, with Stone Cold doing his thing on the outside, and like with DX, there was a lot of HaHa being played in DX matches and stuff like that. The rules were kind of shaded a little bit out the door. The rules came back a little bit after that, in the mid-2000s, like maybe late-2000s the rules came back strong. There was a lot more leniency on the outside, a lot more leniency on the DQs."

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Chioda continued, "There were a lot of nut shots and other things you saw. The Hardcore style was a lot more entertaining. When you’re trying to entertain more, your rules kind of fall out the window. When MMA became really big, Vince wanted to go with all the rules.”

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